# My story

About me

Who I am

I started learning and dedicating myself to Professional Makeup about ten years ago while doing my studies in Advanced Esthetics.
After spending some years working on my own in my hometown Cádiz, I moved to London to keep on growing.
Five years later, I lastly ended up in Barcelona to study at Colors Up, one of the best Makeup schools in Spain.
Fascinated by all types of Makeup, from Bridals to Fashion Editorials to Fantasy, my ultimate goal is what I find most compelling: Discovering each one of my client’s true essence.

My Mission

I believe that people and their experience are at the center of fashion and beauty.
While working in the fashion industry, we realised that many creatives are seeking the meaning and purpose of their work as they are faced with the disconnection of fashion with human well-being.
Makeup is a digital fashion psychology magazine that aims to inspire cultural change by applying psychology in fashion to help creative professionals put people first – in and through their daily practice.

What I do

I try my best to make our world and you more beautiful. My work helps me in this matter:
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Groups Makeup
  • Events Makeup
  • Theatre/Cinema Makeup
  • Editorial Makeup
  • Shooting Makeup