01. What kind of make up do you use?

Here is a range of beauty products in every stylists kit. Each artist is a little bit different from the other but mostly we use MAC. Of course we have many other products that are our favorites from other lines like YSL,

02. Do you do trials?

I require them! I feel makeup is so personal, and must be tailored to each client’s specific style and facial features.

03. Do you include false lash?

Yes, if you are getting a make up service and would like lashes; they are included.

04. Do you do airbrush make up?

Yes we do air brush make up. It is one of the many types of make up that we include in our make up kit. A good make up artist stocks their kit with not only airbrush make up; but also with liquids, creams, powders, mineral, moisturizers with tint and full coverage make up.

05. What is the cost?

All pricing information can be found on special page with prices that you can find HERE.

06. Are you mobile?

Yes, I am more than happy to travel to you for your appointments and if you are getting married both the trial, and the wedding day.

07. When do I need to book in for a trial?

I normally recommend trials to be 6-8 weeks before the wedding, as by that time you have more of an idea as to what style you would like to go for. You can book in any time though for a trial, it’s up to you.

08. How long do trials take?

Please allow two hours, this will allow plenty of time for a consultation and make-up application, and any ‘tweaking’ if needs be.

09. Do you do hair too?

No, sorry, but among my artists there are very good hairdressers that I work long side with if you are struggling to find someone.

10. I have sensitive skin, will it be suitable for me?

The majority of products that I use are hypo allergenic, however if you know that you prefer certain products, eg: if you have tried and tested some mascaras and have found one that suits you best, please provide it so I can apply it for you.